Marvelous Metals Pvt. Ltd.

Melting Furnaces
Inductotherm Make
Power Track R– Medium Frequency
1000 Hz – 350 Kw
500 Kg Melting Pot
1 No.

Inductotherm Make
Power Track R– Medium Frequency
1000 Hz – 350 Kw
500 Kg Melting Pot
Total Melting Capacity 5000 MT/Annum

1 No.
Sand Processing
Green Sand
Fully Mechanised Sand Plant for 10 MT/hr for Machine Moulding
Sand Reprocessing
Chemically Bonded Sand
Sand Process Based Batch Capacity Mixers for Cold Box, No-Bake System for Core Making
Sarvamangala Make
SMFA-450 Simultaneous Jolt Squeeze Machines
2 Nos.
Hydraulic & Motorised Fully Auto
Cycle Mould Handling Line
Designed BMD (Now Disa+GF)
Capacity 50 Moulds/Hr
1 No.
Moulding Box Sizes
600 x 480 x 150/175
150 Pairs
Core Making
Cold Box Core Shooters
3.5 Kg.Shoot Capacity Compax Make 1 No.
1.5 Kg. Shoot Capacity Compax Make 1 No.
20 Kg.Shoot Capacity Span Make 1 No.
4.5 Kg. Shoot Capacity Compax Make – Fully Automatic 1 No.
Pattern Making
In-house Facility for Pattern Dimensional Inspection
And Routine Maintenance
A Tie-up with 2 Professional Pattern Shops in Vicinity
For Development of New Patterns
48” Shotblasting Machine Patel Furnace Make 1 No.
6 GN-6R Curva Blast Tumblasting Machine of Pangborn Make 1 No.
Pedestal Grinders 3 Nos.
Pneumatic Tools 6 Nos.
Electric Tools (Grinders) 3 Nos.
Swing Frame Grinder 1 Nos.
Material Testing
Spectrometer-15 Elements
DGMR for machined components
Sand Testing Laboratory In-house for online Testing
Electronic Ferro Lab for online Carbon equivalent Carbon, Silicon
Immersion Pyrometer
Metallurgical Microscope & connected Set up.
BHN Hardness Tester
Dimensional Check up Set up
Testing Facilities Availed From Professional Laboratories
Chemical Composition
- Raw Material
-Verification of in-house
Field Testing
Centre SISI-Govt of India.
-Cross Checking
Field Testing Centre
Tensile Testing Field Testing Centre