Marvelous Metals Pvt. Ltd.

We are planning to install “Savelli F3” Italy make high pressure Moulding Machine with following technical specifications:-
Possible inside dimensions of flask (mm)
Length upto  600
Width   upto  500
Height upto  220
The machine can work with different flask dimensions:-minus 150 mm for length and width-minus 100 mm for height
Example Minimum Maximum
Length 450 600
Width   350 500
Height 120 220
Cycle Time
30 seconds for half mould 24 seconds for squeezing, filling and for movements of the flasks 6 seconds for half mould
Dry cycle time 12 seconds for half mould
Moulding rate, max. depending of the time required for filling of the flasks
Drive system Hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motor
Internal pattern change Automatic
External pattern change Manually
Moulding System High Pressure adjustable till 12 kg / cm2